Episode 47

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There is a quiet power to symbolism. The images, words, beings and myths commonly depicted as symbols transcend time and culture. They inspire and empower us, while also serving as tools to help clarify our path and purpose.

When we look deeply at ourselves and what’s personally meaningful to us, symbols can tell us a lot. Are we drawn to mythical beings or animals in nature? Do we connect with artistic renderings, or the concepts and metaphors we experience in dreams?

Whatever “elements” we connect with personally act as guides for our path, helping us make sense of our life, connect with ourselves, and the bigger world, in a more meaningful way.

On this episode of the Flirting with Enlightenment podcast, we dive into symbolism and how it speaks to all of us on a unique, individual level. We talk about how symbols can induce a kind of heightened level of consciousness as we tune into what they mean to us, the world, or the universe in a broader context. This is how we connect with symbolism in a creative way – helping our mind engage with our intuitive side and imagination.

There are two core ways people use symbols, whether they realize it or not:

  • As inspiration to raise consciousness and vibration
  • As a way to connect with the energetic vibration of it to energize us in a physical way

Symbols also help fill in the communication gaps between cultures, offering everyone a way relate to a common concept in a meaningful way, without having to put it into specific words.

Some examples of this is include “OM”, the vibrational power of the universe that is depicted as an image and a sound. Another example is the chakras, depicted as “wheels of moving energy” and differentiated by their corresponding colors.

The energetic pull of symbols can also be used in a very physical way, helping us achieve specific goals, or as a meditation tool, enabling us get into an altered state of mind and heart.

At some level, the symbols that draw our attention say a lot about us, where we are along our personal journey or healing path, or where we want to go moving forward. The most important thing to remember, however, is that symbols don’t need to have a bigger meaning in the world outside of our individual experience. It’s part of what makes them such a powerful personal development tool for our unique path!

Join us as we dive into a fun discussion about symbolism and all the little ways it influences, guides and teaches us throughout our life.

What are some common symbols you are drawn to? Have they changed during phases of your life?

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