Episode 59

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Dreams are a very useful tool for tapping into intuitive guidance and deepening connection to the higher self. We can use them to get a clearer view into the workings of the unconscious mind, see solutions to challenges, or discover blocks we didn’t realize were lurking within us.

The mystical nature of dreams is part of what makes them so mysterious. We get to peek inside ourselves from a different angle and really see something true; a thought, inner beauty, a long-held fear, or open up to a deeper acceptance of the self.

Between the images, symbols, events and emotional sensations, dreams hold a lot of insights that can be elusive during waking hours. The coolest part? Dream language is unique to the learning, desires and path of self-discovery we need in this lifetime. While the mind is “resting” the ego is out of the way, making it easier to tune into intuitive messages and symbols with greater clarity.

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we talk about the beauty and value of dream time and why it can be such a revealing way to gain deep insight into the true self. We also offer simple tips on how to tune into the intuitive guidance from the subconscious that’s revealed through our dreams.  For fun, we toss in a few stories about lucid dreaming and personal dream experiences with the “other side”.

Dreams can be a way for us to:

  • Work out the day
  • Process emotions
  • Reset the mind, body and spirit
  • Develop a stronger understanding of and trust in our unique intuitive guidance

Ultimately, our personal dream language helps us learn about ourselves and the way our higher self wants to communicate about working through challenges, face fears, see new opportunities or how best to follow our heart. Looking up dream symbols can help, but the more present we can be with the insights we track, the more effective we can get at interpreting key meanings and insights.  

What are your intentions with your dream time?

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If you are interested in a dream symbol book, I use Dreamer’s Dictionary by Garuda. There are also lots of online resources, but we don’t have a favorite one to recommend.