Episode 71

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The throat chakra represents personal self expression and can be communicated through many forms. Self expression includes what you say, write, create, express, believe, hear and so much more. All of these aspects of your life and communication skills are influenced by the throat chakra and how open and free flowing it is on a given day.

No matter where your personal level of self expression is at right now, all of the strengths and challenges you encounter reflect the karmic journey to help you gain a better understanding who you are and explore your natural creativity in a deeper, more authentic way.

For example, some people are great at public speaking, feeling clear and free to be themselves, while others are much better at writing or drawing their ideas, thoughts and feelings. Any of your communication strengths and challenges pull you closer towards inner learning and growth.

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we take an in-depth look at the throat chakra and how it influences much more than what you say. It’s a pathway to connecting the heart with the higher self and learning how to listen, speak and communicate in a way that’s uniquely and truly – you.

Empaths can also have an interesting challenge when it comes to health of their own throat chakra. If they are not clear and grounded within their own energy, they begin to take on the thoughts and opinions of the people around them without even realizing it. It can turn into quite a struggle to communicate freely, so they have to put in the extra time to ensure the throat chakra is clear.

Join Jamie and I as we discuss the role the throat chakra plays along our creative and spiritual path, especially how it impacts the way we listen to ourselves and the world around us all the time.

What are some ways you support the health of your self expression?

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