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Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Bright, Shiny New Year

Happy, almost, new year! As another year comes to a close, I want to say thank you to all of my listeners and supporters! It’s been an interesting adventure to do the podcast as a lone wolf this year, and… Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Getting Hung Up on the Allure of Nostalgia

Episode 66   Nostalgia can be a tricky little minx. As a sentimental yearning for happiness felt in a past place, time or situation, nostalgia can help us revisit the energy, feelings and glow of warm memories and positive, heart-tingling times. On the… Continue Reading →

Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart Chakra: Personal Power and Love as a Bridge to the Higher Self

Episode 62     The solar plexus chakra and heart chakra are up next in our journey through the seven core chakras. If you missed our episode on the root and sacral chakras, please check that podcast out first! On… Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Use the Creative Power of Visualization

Episode 46     In an effort to be more mindful in any area of life, it helps to leverage a simple tool we already have at our fingertips, like visualization. We all daydream at some time or another, so… Continue Reading →

Forgiveness and Family

Episode 24     The act of forgiveness can be a challenge any time of year. However, the holiday season offers a unique opportunity to practice forgiveness at a whole new level when it comes to family. Old frustrations, grievances… Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Fear of Being Yourself

Episode 19     Being your true self isn’t always easy, especially when you feel an underlying fear holding you back from being yourself naturally, or you aren’t quite sure how to be in your own skin. There are a… Continue Reading →

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy and the Ego

Episode 14       What is the difference between masculine and feminine energy? What role does it play in our personal development and growth? How do the ego and social norms impact our self-expression of each energy type? Is… Continue Reading →

The Power of Relationships as a Learning Tool

Episode 13     Relationships are very powerful teachers in your life. They act as amazing mirrors, showing you what you need to learn, let go of, or open up to along your personal development path. In turn, you offer… Continue Reading →

Navigating Transition Through Choices and Trust

Episode 11      There are lots of ways to manage transition, and no one way is “right”. Yet, we often put a lot pressure on the choices we make when in transition to be “right”, despite the fact that… Continue Reading →

Social Networks, Connection and Finding your Spiritual Family

Episode 10   The fast pace of technology has an impact on more than our work lives – it’s changing the way we approach connection and opens up the opportunity for richer, more dynamic social interactions. Whether you are using… Continue Reading →

What is Karma?

Episode 7 What is karma? Do you believe in it? Is it positive, negative, or simply a cause and effect dynamic that shows up in your life? There are so many questions… but how can we tell if there’s an answer… Continue Reading →

Cycles, Seasons and Tuning in During Transition

Episode 6 Everything in nature has a rhythm; a way of moving through change and transition. This ebb and flow, while natural for everything living on the planet, isn’t always easy to navigate. However, finding simple ways to tune in… Continue Reading →

Simple Tips for Connecting with your Brand of Inner Guidance

Episode 1 What’s inner guidance?  How does it come through for you? Is there a secret to “doing it right”? In the premier episode of the Flirting with Enlightenment podcast, we explore the topic of inner guidance and how to… Continue Reading →

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