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Overcoming the Fear of Being Yourself

Episode 19     Being your true self isn’t always easy, especially when you feel an underlying fear holding you back from being yourself naturally, or you aren’t quite sure how to be in your own skin. There are a… Continue Reading →

The Art of Letting Go

Episode 15      In many ways, the process of letting go is like an art form, something you craft, shape and develop over time throughout your life. It’s also a way of being, a way of shedding what no… Continue Reading →

Intuitive vs Empathic – What’s the Difference?

Episode 9 The terms intuitive and empathic are often used interchangeably, even though they are very different abilities that just happen to complement each other. Being intuitive and/or empathic is a style of knowledge that works in combination with other… Continue Reading →

What External Tools Do you Use to Gain Clarity?

Episode 3 Do you have a set of tools and resources to call on for clarity during times of uncertainty? Or do you usually get stuck in your head and try to “think” your way through a challenging time or a… Continue Reading →

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