Episode 89

“Do We Have a Soul Purpose and How Do We Know We Are Living It?”


There are many ways we measure self-worth, and one of them is how we identify with our soul purpose.

Yet, over the years, the definition of a soul purpose has become a bit murky. In the modern world it seems to be defined as a mushed up combination of career, relationship, and personal goals, with a sprinkle of natural aptitudes and long-held heart’s desires. That’s quite a lot of details to bring together into one clear statement like a soul purpose, especially as we continue to evolve, learn, and let go, over and over again.

Some people also market the idea that finding our soul purpose can be achieved in a weekend class, or through a series of 5 sessions for $499. At times when we are moving along our path and question what we want at a deep soul level, these options can seem like the way to get what we can’t seem to find on our own. And while nothing is impossible, there’s more to how we got to where we are right now, including the ways the soul has guided us, that can be discovered, understood, and then turned into a mission statement to be acted upon within a few days.

To discover these aspects and truths within takes listening and a willingness to unravel what we think about ourselves, and get back to discovering, feeling into, and listening to the truth of what we have been, at our core, all along.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about the idea of a soul purpose, what it means (in my perspective), and how we know when we are actually living it.

I also talk about how we often mix up soul purpose with career purpose, and why it can make us feel as if we are not living it unless we are a full-blown financial success. In addition, I share insights on natural gifts, having the right “training” to live your purpose, and the way we sometimes unknowingly judge others for not expressing their soul purpose in a specific or “right way”.

There’s a lot to be said about honoring what drives us to create in a focused way and the power it opens up within us. Part of our soul purpose is to live and share our deepest heart expression as we move through life, lessons, and love, and the wisdom we collect along the way.

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