Episode 81

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The act of being busy has expanded into a syndrome in modern society, and can have a significant impact on our self-worth. People stay busy to avoid feeling, healing, facing fear, or simply because they believe they are supposed to in order to be seen as valuable.

But how is this way of being impacting our ability to truly feel fulfilled and express ourselves authentically? More importantly, how are we allowing our self-worth to drain right out of our hearts, especially when we see all the “boxes” to fit into, but none of them fit us personally, so we feel judged by others (and judge ourselves)?

And when it comes to relationships, are we looking for other people to define and provide us with the energy to fuel our self-worth? Or are we able to be OK standing on our own, knowing that understanding and honoring the truth of who we are is the greatest reward?

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about how self-worth, reward and the coping mechanisms we use, like staying busy, keep us from understanding why we feel so unfulfilled, and what to do about it. I also discuss how it limits our ability to connect with others authentically and keeps us from building deep connections that can help give our lives deeper meaning and fulfillment.

Lastly, I offer suggestions for how to move towards the reward and recognition we want by starting to listen deeply to what’s behind the busy behavior that wants to be seen or have a creative voice.

What are some common ways you block fear, frustration, or feelings of low self-worth by keeping busy? On the flip side, are there certain types of events or situations that trigger mental loops or behavior patterns that keep you feeling small or unfulfilled?

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