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Listening to the Body and How it Shares Intuitive Guidance

Episode 40     The body is always sharing insights and deeper wisdom with us, acting as an intuitive tool beyond the physical level. It’s sensations, flutters and pains teach us countless things, if we are actively listening to the… Continue Reading →

Does Fate Really Exist?

Episode 39   Is there a special plan for each of our lives, leading us towards a specific event that’s a predestined fate? Or is fate simply the power of choice we exercise from moment to moment, leading us towards… Continue Reading →

Clearing Clutter to Refresh and Raise Your Vibration

Episode 38     When the energy in our lives gets intense or confusing, it can help to hit the “reset” button and clear the clutter in our mind, heart and physical space. The physical act of cleaning is a great… Continue Reading →

How to Get Clear on Your Values To Live a More Conscious Life

Episode 37     We each define our personal values differently. Some people think of values as something to physically connect with or posses. Others think of values as an action to complete or a goal to reach. No matter what… Continue Reading →

The Power of Focus and How it Infuses Goals With Mindful Momentum

Episode 36     Focus is a powerful word. In one sense, it’s the fuel that empowers you to mentally concentrate in order meet goals and overcome obstacles in a physical way. In another sense, focus represents the unseen energy… Continue Reading →

Setting Goals That Support Wellbeing and Personal Success

Episode 35   Do we need to be setting goals in order to achieve a sense of personal happiness and wellbeing? Is there an art to creating them? What do we really need to know or embrace about ourselves before… Continue Reading →

What Does Success Mean from a Mind, Body, Spirit Perspective?

Episode 34   What does success mean to you? The ability to meet a personal goal? Reaching a certain level of wealth and recognition? A sense of creative confidence and knowing your true self? Spiritual connection? All of the above?… Continue Reading →

How Insights on Reincarnation and Past Lives Help you Live More Fully in the Present

Episode 33     Reincarnation is the idea that one life force lives many lifetimes as one soul through many physical bodies. For some, the concept of reincarnation as a reality is a no-brainer. Others feel it’s closer to the… Continue Reading →

Managing Relationships As an Empath

Episode 32     The life of an empath is experienced through intuition and/or emotions first. This is what makes them such amazing listeners, nurturers and loving partners. It’s also what can make relationships especially challenging and draining for empaths… Continue Reading →

Adjusting “Resolutions” to Align With the True Energy of the Year Ahead

Episode 31     The intention behind new year’s resolutions can feel very clear and powerful when we first create them. We have drive, focus and devoted energy. Then, as we begin to encounter obstacles, distractions and maybe a little… Continue Reading →

Synchronicity: What is it and How to Tune into it?

Episode 30   Do you ever experience remarkable coincidences? For example when you start thinking about someone you haven’t met for years, and moments later you run into them. Or perhaps when things don’t go how you plan or want,… Continue Reading →

Creating and Connecting with a Sacred Space to Refresh Mind, Body and Spirit

Episode 29     Creating or connecting with a sacred space to nourish your mind, body and spirit is much simpler than it sounds. It’s also one of the most powerful tools to help you “get grounded”, tune into creative inspiration… Continue Reading →

Sitting with the Energy of What’s Next and Kicking Off the 2016 Season

There’s always an electric feeling when you kick off a brand new year. It’s full of possibilities, ideas and a call to explore our inner selves just a little deeper. While it’s fun to get right into the energy of… Continue Reading →

Celebrating the Divine at Christmas Time

Episode 28     For some, the Christmas holiday has lost it’s true meaning, charm, and in a way, it’s divine-ness. Rather than a time to pause, reflect, and express gratitude and love, focus has shifted to fulfilling obligations, materialism… Continue Reading →

Does the Food you Eat Influence your Spiritual Nature?

Episode 27     A common belief on the personal development and spiritual path is that you need to avoid certain foods in order to attain specific spiritual states. Another is that “impure foods” may impact your ability to meditate… Continue Reading →

Managing the Energy of Materialism During the Holiday Season

Episode 26     The holiday season can seem more like a “buying season” that’s hyper-focused on materialism and presentation, rather than a heightened time of spiritual awareness, connection and sharing. To stay grounded and unattached to the chaos vibe,… Continue Reading →

The Illusion of Control and How it Causes Stress

Episode 25     The illusion of control is one of the biggest, and sneakiest, causes of stress in life. It’s also the trickiest behavior to spot within yourself. The need for control causes stress for the mind, body and… Continue Reading →

Forgiveness and Family

Episode 24     The act of forgiveness can be a challenge any time of year. However, the holiday season offers a unique opportunity to practice forgiveness at a whole new level when it comes to family. Old frustrations, grievances… Continue Reading →

What Signs from Nature Can Teach You About your Spiritual Path

Episode 23     Nature is one of the best teachers you can engage with along your spiritual and self-growth path. It’s a healing presence, wise guide, a reminder of our interconnectedness and an inspiration when you are feeling lost… Continue Reading →

Tips for Cultivating Patience as an Ongoing Practice

Episode 22     Patience can be seen as a skill or trait you possess, or as something you grasp at, trying to muster in the moment. There’s also the mindful pursuit of patience as a practice, cultivated as part… Continue Reading →

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