Episode 26

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The holiday season can seem more like a “buying season” that’s hyper-focused on materialism and presentation, rather than a heightened time of spiritual awareness, connection and sharing.

To stay grounded and unattached to the chaos vibe, it can take a bit of extra personal energy management.

When you are moving towards a more spiritual or intuitive way of life, the energy of materialism and the holidays can feel more intense or uncomfortable than usual, as you build a new relationship with “things” and what they mean to you. It’s also easier to pick up on the frenzied energy of everyone around you as they scramble to meet holiday expectations.

On this episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, we talk about the little ways you can notice attachment creeping into your connection with material things, and explore ways to build in more gratitude for what you do have right now. We also share simple tips to shift judgment around the relationship you (or other people) have with things, and release karma related to using things to chase a fleeting feeling of fulfillment.

The essence of the holiday season is not about denying yourself, it’s about letting yourself enjoy things, people and express joy to be present in the moment. Simple pleasures can go a long way in keeping you grounded and appreciative. Focus on those elements – like savoring a holiday-inspired treat, expressing gratitude or creating a heart-felt gift.

Tune in to hear Jamie and I share a few of our personal stories about the energy of materialism and our love affair with butter shortbread cookies – a common treat during the holiday season.

What are some ways you deal with the chaos or energy of heightened materialism during the holidays?

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