Episode 64

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A practice of non-attachment is a great goal and ideal to shoot for, but how easy is it to put into practice?

Even at our most mindful, it can be challenging to brush off expectations, live in the moment and accept things just as they are, whole-heartedly. And not everyone gets attached or hung up on the same things. Some struggle with expectations on health or relationships, while others can’t seem to escape the need to control all areas of their life.

The trick is to find a working balance of planning and presence that works for your unique gifts, karma and personal tendencies.

On the latest episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, we talk about simple ways to get a handle on emotions, and work around the controlling aspects of the mind in day-to-day life. Jamie and I also share insights on how to tell when you are attached to something in the first place, and ways to make mindful changes to shift into more of a non-attachment perspective.

As humans we are naturally attached to things. We need a certain degree of attachment to operate as a human in a physical body. The goal is to practice a healthier way to do it throughout each day, and give yourself the tools you need to stay in balance. Tune in to hear how we perceive non-attachment and details on practices to help keep you grounded and clear.

What approaches have you used to help you practice of non-attachment?

For more insight on a definition of non-attachment, check out this overview. You can also check out my blog post Flip the Script on Limitation and Turn it Into Inspiration for more tips on turning expectations or control habits into something positive. Interested in podcasts on a similar topic? Check out What Does Being Spiritual Really Mean?

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