Episode 60

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Being an empath is a rich, complex experience that offers heightened awareness on so many levels.

An empath can be mentally, physically and emotionally sensitive, or just one of these traits. People who define themselves as empaths can also be highly intuitive, but intuitive or psychic people aren’t necessarily empaths.

And let’s not forget the challenges that can arise while being empathic to the feelings, challenges or experiences of another person. As humans we are all capable of being empathetic, but people who are empaths take in this energy as their own. They feel the pain, struggle and frustration of another, as much as they are capable of feeling the joy, love and deep connection with people, animals, plants, nature and more.

Some empaths are also HSP’s (highly sensitive people), can be psychic, and what I like to call “clair-aware”; which includes clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and more.

Putting the various aspects of “empath labels” aside, the act of experiencing emotional states intensely can be a hard balance to handle, especially when you don’t realize it or have a way to effectively manage it.

On the latest episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, Jamie and I dive into the key signs that reveal you may be an empath, and offer insights on how to navigate it while honoring your self-care and inner balance. We also talk about the common traits of empaths to provide deeper insight and conversation on the multi-layered aspects this deep-feeling gift.

One of the most important empath traits is their deep desire for harmony within and around them. This is why it’s so easy for empaths to lose themselves in the energy of others, and essential for them to have good “energy hygiene”. Taking time away or to regularly check in with how they are feeling apart from other people is a non-negotiable part of having this gift.

When all is said and done, being an empath offers possibilities that allow you to tune into the deeper sides of life, people and animals and experience richer sensations of all kinds.

Do you think you are an empath? Listen in to the podcast to find out some common traits of empaths.

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