Episode 63

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Inspirational movies and television shows are not limited to a specific genre. They can be anything that speaks to your soul, cracks open your mind and melts your heart.

As we travel along our personal transformation path, we get turned on by new ideas and connect with fresh perspectives as told through the eyes of show creators and the creative expression of the actors. Taking on a different point of view for a while through the experience of a character is not only powerful, but allows us to practice empathy. It also enables us to build a sense of community through common human journey themes.

On this episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, we take a unique perspective on inspirational movies and television shows. Each of us shares a few of our personal favorites and why we find them powerful. Jamie and I also discuss the different archetypes and themes that make an enlightening and entertaining creative expression that has a long-lasting impact.

In addition, we talk in more detail about common topics found in inspirational content and how they can be present in movies or television shows you might not expect.

All cinematic expressions of creativity can help unite us along our personal path and serve as an inspirational reminder of how deep down, we are all human at heart.

Are there certain shows you watched as a child that still stick with you? Is there a movie that changed your perspective in unexpected ways? Do you have a guilty pleasure show or movie that always cheers you up?

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