Episode 37

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We each define our personal values differently. Some people think of values as something to physically connect with or posses. Others think of values as an action to complete or a goal to reach.

No matter what your list of values may be, they ultimately reflect what’s important to you. However, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you are creating a personal value system around what you truly respect and appreciate, or based on core needs – the fundamental human drivers that we don’t necessarily actively “choose”.

On this episode of Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we define values and explore how essential they are in shaping the path of our life.

When we are unclear about what we appreciate and strive to create, we tend to live in a very unconscious, reactive way. This leads to situations that don’t resonate or even create conflict.

When we get clear on our personal standards and aspirations, we can make choices based on them in a grounded way and ease confusion or unneeded stress. In essence, we feel a natural sense of inner knowing and alignment about what’s right for us, based on our core ideals.

During the episode, we share ways to gain clarity around your value system, and offer simple tips and tools to help shift perspective in order to live in alignment with it in a more conscious way.

Each of us needs to go through an inner journey to discover what’s most important to us, free of the influence of friends, family, co-workers or society. It can be a very enlightening experience and act as a compass to draw us towards our soul’s purpose.

Are you ready to consciously live your true values? In what ways are you already living them each day? 

For additional information on values and to begin building or updating your own personal list, check out this list of suggested values and terms. Choose all that resonate with you on the list, then go back through your choices to pick your top five. This is a window into your “super value”!

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