Episode 52

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At the beginning of our journey as podcasters, Jamie and I had no idea what to expect.

We learned and tested the technical requirements, podcast etiquette and recording equipment. We excitedly planned powerful topics we enjoyed, and sometimes hesitatingly agreed to talk about topics that flared up our own “sore spots”. At times we may have divulged more about ourselves than planned, all for the good of our own healing and as a way to share and connect with others.

And after one year, we still want to make more episodes together.

Through the course of creating Flirting With Enlightenment, we’ve both learned about the power of collaboration, balance in partnership, and the joy and challenges of co-creation. This podcast has also enlightened us about how to tap more thoroughly into our own passions and intuition.

During this special one-year celebration episode of the podcast, we reveal a little more about our personal selves and share a few things you didn’t know about us before we became podcasters. We also tossed in a few extra bloopers from behind the scenes, because life is as much about the polish as the fun you have along the way.

Reminiscing aside, the most important part of this episode, and every episode is you, the listener.

Thank you so much for supporting us along our personal creative/spiritual inner journey and becoming part of it, too. Our hope is that as you listen, learn and explore more of your own inner wisdom, you feel compelled to share it with the people in your life as well.

Be the light you wish to see in the world is so much more than a metaphor. It’s what Jamie and I both want to help others create, one episode at a time, through the Flirting With Enlightenment show.

Cheers to a year of episodes and sharing new, more exciting topics in the year to come!

Have some ideas you want us to cover? Send them along. Want to join the conversation? Drop by the community. Interested in hearing guests join us from time to time? That’s coming up in season 3 that kicks off this fall, so stay tuned!

And our popular episode of all time is…well, you will have to tune into the podcast to find out!