Episode 24

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The act of forgiveness can be a challenge any time of year. However, the holiday season offers a unique opportunity to practice forgiveness at a whole new level when it comes to family.

Old frustrations, grievances and power struggles easily bubble up to the surface when reconnecting with people for the holidays, and all the ways you are different from one another can become much more obvious.

Family gatherings can be especially challenging for people embarking on a self-growth path and getting in touch with a deeper level of self-expression and self-acceptance, while others in the family appear to be stuck in a time warp, waiting for the “old you” to show up.

How can you approach the holidays with an attitude of open mindedness and no expectations, while working towards a path of forgiveness?

On this episode of the Flirting with Enlightenment, podcast we talk about the essentials for getting into a forgiving state of mind, while also honoring and holding your own boundaries. We cover strategies to manage your emotional state and provide self-care, while getting to a deeper level of understanding about why certain family dynamics may be playing out over and over.

Most importantly, we offer perspectives to help you open your mind and heart to family in a new way, creating a fresh path towards forgiveness.

True forgiveness starts with understanding. It’s important to:

  • Understand yourself and what you need
  • Find a way to support yourself without expecting others to give what they are incapable of providing
  • Be clear on what is an emotion and what is an expectation
  • See how each person has an ego and patterns we are working to heal
  • Listen with your mind, body and heart

What are some approaches that have helped you practice forgiveness with family? What are some ways you were able to move past frustration and misunderstanding towards acceptance?