Episode 57

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Do you fight or embrace the spirit of technology? Is it an illusion that distracts you from your true nature, or a tool to enhance quality of life for everyone?

It’s an important question to ask as tech becomes smaller, wearable and more seamless in every corner of our lives.

However, before jumping to technology bashing, there is an important thing to consider.

Technology is also an expression of and creativity, innovation and out of the box thinking that can significantly impact our livelihood and how we connect as a collective consciousness. We are all being invited to mindfully embrace the spirit of technology and manage it in ways that support our unique needs and wellbeing.

But how?

As with any growing industry – technology has it’s perks and distractions, negative and positive attributes. On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we talk about how the influx of tech changes influences our health, energy, self-worth and inner connection.

Jamie shares perspectives on reintegrating into society after being at the monastery during the height of the technology boom in the 90s. I talk about the impacts of technology on HSP’s and empaths trying to stay grounded and focused. We both discuss ways technology can influence self-worth and our spiritual connection on a daily basis, and how to notice the impact it may be having on your mind, body and spirit right now.

Some simple things to consider if you are feeling anxious, challenged or overwhelmed by how the spirit of technology is showing up in your life, and ways to shift it:

  • How can you refocus your time and energy online in a way that is more productive?
  • What are the advantages of technology for your work, creativity, spirituality or social life? Does it align with your personal values?
  • What mindful changes can you make to better manage the impact of tech in daily life or enhance your spiritual connection?

It’s important to remember that there is spirit in technology. The powerful tools being created right now are being used for positive connections, socially responsible and health related benefits, and to increase access to our spirit family as a collective consciousness. How are you going to choose a healthy way to use it?