Episode 72

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There is an art to listening to ourselves and balancing it with the advice, noise and opinions floating in the world around us.

As we grow up, we are exposed to a lot of information and slowly learn to compare what we hear and see to what we feel. Between family patterns, society pressures, and our friends, the voice within can easily get pitted against outside influences, making us confused. It can become hard to tell the voice of our higher self from the strong opinions of others, and also make it difficult to trust our intuition with confidence when it goes against the grain.

However, we all need advice from time to time. Having an outside perspective can really help us sort out our own voice and desires. The key is to get clear on the way you use outside information to find your truth and honor it.

For example, are you asking for advice as an approval seeking measure because you don’t trust yourself? Or do you like to gather outside information, then sit with your emotions and thoughts to come to a choice that’s right for you? In contrast, do you refuse to listen to advice from anyone, letting your ego turn down helpful insights that may feel emotionally threatening?

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, Jamie and I talk about creating a balance between taking advice from others and listening to yourself, and share insights how to do it in a grounded way. We discuss scenarios that throw people off track and make them feel unable to trust their inner voice, especially when moving through transformation.

We also offer insights on how to work with the ego and notice when it’s trying to dissuade you from taking advice that may be in your best interests. Lastly, we offer tips on how to get grounded to hear inner guidance more clearly.

What are some practices you have in place to balance taking advice from others and listening to yourself?

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