Episode 94


“Crafting a Way to Balance Evaluation With Action When Making Challenging Choices”.

Taking life in stride is about more than forging ahead no matter what; it’s about looking at our whole inner evaluation system and the way we face challenging choices.

Lifelong patterns, habits, fears, experiences, and the relationships we create as we learn and grow are a key part of what shapes our decision making strategies. They also influence what we see as acceptable risk vs a safe bet.

With all of these elements (and more) impacting the way we see the world to varying degrees, it’s no surprise the mind, body, and spirit can get out of alignment, impacting our ability to feel into the decisions that are best for us.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I share insights on how to reconnect with or clarify our internal evaluation process. Is our head getting in the way of our heart? Are there things that seem like obstacles but are simply old fears? Can we find a way to balance evaluation with action that feels empowering and honors what we really want?

I also cover the five core things that influence our “choice behaviors”, and how our past experiences can trick us into thinking we are experiencing (or about to experience) deja vu.

Tough choices give us the opportunity to dig deeper, remember, clear, reevaluate, or discover what is most important to us. However, it’s important to remember the decisions we make are not good or bad, simply doors we choose to walk through.

Spend time to go within to truly understand intuitive guidance and feelings, as well as the ways they lead the inner guidance system to align with what’s right for you. This alleviates pressure to be right, so we can focus on being centered, aligned, and taking focused action.

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