Hi there everyone! Just a quick note that I will be taking a short break from creating and producing the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast to have a little summer fun and celebrate my birthday. Woo hoo!

My birthday is a very special to me because I see it as a way to reconnect with my passion and purpose. I use it as a time to check in with myself in deeper ways, reflect on what’s evolved throughout the last year, and tune into what energies are at play for me in the year ahead.

It’s also a time where I like to do one of my favorite things – live my life far away from a computer!

For those who are regular listeners, you can probably guess I will be spending time on my birthday in nature (one of my favorite things to do) and eating some really good food while I relax.

It’s been a busy summer so far, and the energies are about to heat up even more with the eclipse energy starting to kick in. Can you feel it yet? If you happen to be sensing any unease and discomfort, remember to take time to meditate, get grounded, and be outside in nature as much as possible. Life is always easier to navigate when we are connected to our true self and centered in our truth.

I will be back in August with fresh new episodes about intuition, chakras, mindfulness, self-care and more, to help you continue to tap into your inner wisdom and be your clearest, most authentic self in all you do.

Until then, enjoy the summer energies and find new ways to play! And of course, you can always tap into the archives for podcasts on working through change, rewriting the rules to make sure you are honoring yourself, and insights on being an empath.

Thank you again for all of you who listen and comment on the podcasts. It’s a joy for me to know that what I share is appreciated and useful to others. Cheers!