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A Conversation with Gail Harris, Intuition Coach and Award-Winning Author

Episode 69 Podcast.     One of the goals this year for the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast was to have conversations with lovely, heart-centered people with deep intuitive and mindful insights to share with all our listeners. For our very… Continue Reading →

11 Ways of Adding More Spirituality to Your Life

Episode 68 Podcast.     While many people see adding more spirituality to their day as a complete life change, developing a practice doesn’t have to be a complete departure from life as you know it. Becoming more spiritual can… Continue Reading →

Synchronicity: What is it and How to Tune into it?

Episode 30   Do you ever experience remarkable coincidences? For example when you start thinking about someone you haven’t met for years, and moments later you run into them. Or perhaps when things don’t go how you plan or want,… Continue Reading →

Cycles, Seasons and Tuning in During Transition

Episode 6 Everything in nature has a rhythm; a way of moving through change and transition. This ebb and flow, while natural for everything living on the planet, isn’t always easy to navigate. However, finding simple ways to tune in… Continue Reading →

Can you be Spiritual and Express Anger?

Episode 5 Spirituality and anger are two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence because people think they are opposite expressions. However, you are a human with emotional needs that must be expressed, and sometimes the emotion you… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Charisma: What is it and Do you Have it?

Episode 4 What is spiritual charisma? Do you think you have it or know someone who does? Or is spiritual charisma simply an inevitable by-product of being on a creative path of self-discovery? On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we… Continue Reading →

What External Tools Do you Use to Gain Clarity?

Episode 3 Do you have a set of tools and resources to call on for clarity during times of uncertainty? Or do you usually get stuck in your head and try to “think” your way through a challenging time or a… Continue Reading →

Creating a Personal Meditation Practice

Episode 2 A meditation practice comes in many shapes and forms. You can sit in stillness watching your thoughts drift by, actively walk in nature to become one with your surroundings or try a combination of techniques that offer a blended approach…. Continue Reading →

Simple Tips for Connecting with your Brand of Inner Guidance

Episode 1 What’s inner guidance?  How does it come through for you? Is there a secret to “doing it right”? In the premier episode of the Flirting with Enlightenment podcast, we explore the topic of inner guidance and how to… Continue Reading →

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