Episode 43

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The way we view age impacts our experience of life and the expectations we create around achievements with each passing year. It also colors the way we tap into our sense of self.

Yet, there is no “age” related to connecting with the truth of who you are. This action is simply an awakening or knowing that can happen at any point in life.

So why do we still use age as a measurement in areas that involve our personal growth, self-confidence and self-worth?

On this episode of the Flirting with Enlightenment podcast, we talk about how our mindset can get stuck on a sense of urgency as we strive to reach specific goals in a certain time frame, while neglecting to listen to our soul.

We also talk about why expectations around age and accomplishments are still so prevalent.

In many ways, we are all impacted by society’s pressure around accomplishing things by a certain age in order to feel we have achieved something significant and worthwhile. The influence of family, friends and society can make it a challenge to break away and listen deeply to our hearts, to develop our intuition and trust it confidently.

It’s essential to remember that reaching and discovering our true creative and spiritual self requires trial, errors and detours. It includes friction and uncertainty. It calls for us to experiment and learn. All these elements shape who we are and make us clearer on what makes us feel alive, and essential key to following our true spiritual path.

When we choose to go with the flow instead of an expectations, and listen to what our heart and soul are telling us, we get grounded in knowing we are exactly where we need to be, right now. We all have our own timeline – and age has nothing to do with it!

Cultivating a sense of presence in the moment and mindfulness helps us forget about the timeline, and gives the universe a way to surprise us!

Remember, we always offer tips at the end of the podcast, so stick around to hear some helpful insights. For more podcasts on a similar topic, check out Does Fate Really Exist? Synchronicity What Is it and How to Tune into It? Here are some additional insights on spiritual practices to help you go with the flow while you age.