About the Podcast:

The Flirting with Enlightenment podcast is a blend of mindfulness, creativity and spirituality and how they all intersect to influence our lives. We cover simple tips and practices for tapping into your inner wisdom for self-discovery, clarity and passion with purpose, while making it fun and light-hearted at the same time.

Spirituality and creativity are powerful paths to becoming a more expanded version of our true selves. Both practices help us to be more present, moment by moment, in a playful way, invite us to honor our inner guidance, and empower us to move towards joy, clarity and a deeper, mindful inner connection. Together they are a powerful combination for living as our truest self.

Whether you are new to a mindful path, looking to tap deeper into your creativity or want simple personal development insights, the Flirting with Enlightenment podcast explores tips to help you tune in and grow into a more expansive personal practice that feels natural and in the flow.

Think of it as the podcast where intuition and spirituality meets creativity, and has a whole lot of fun as we flirt with the idea of what “enlightenment” really means.