Episode 68


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While many people see adding more spirituality to their day as a complete life change, developing a practice doesn’t have to be a complete departure from life as you know it. Becoming more spiritual can be as simple as a series of small things done consistently to help you shift a little at a time towards being more mindful and present in the moment.

Ritual-based practices, mindfulness behavior, healthier eating or building a stronger connection to your own creativity or emotional state are just some ways to embrace our inner spirit connection. However, in the big picture, being more spiritual all comes down to one core thing – balancing the desire to understand the world around you and honoring your mind, body and spirit in an open-minded (and hearted) way.  

When it comes down to it, a “spiritual person” is different simply because they do everything with more mindful intention and presence.

On the latest episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, Jamie and I each share our unique points of view on ways to add a little more spirituality to your daily life. We also offer extra ideas for inspiration to rejuvenate your current practice with fresh energy.

No matter what the details of your daily practice may include, ensuring there is a level of presence and mindfulness (how something is impacting you from a mind, body, spirit perspective) is what can turn any act into a spiritual one.

The true start to living a more spiritual life begins with the real reason that inspires you to embrace a spiritual way of life. Once you understand that, you can build a personalized practice as part of your lifestyle. Then, by connecting with the spiritual part of yourself each day, you will slowly transform in magical ways!

What are the simple things you call on to add a little more spirituality to your day? Share them with us in the community! Interested in reading similar podcasts, check out, Do you Need a Morning Routine to Be More Mindful? or What Does Being Spiritual Really Mean?  Want to connect on some of these topics in a deeper way? Join our community and share your thoughts!